Why Choose Street Wheels And Tyres?

The widest array of wheel and tyre designs, types, sizes, and brands can only be found at Street Wheels and Tyres. You cannot find a bigger, more comprehensive showroom in all of Brisbane. Whatever it is that youre looking for, it is sure to be here at SWT. We guarantee that every style, fit, and size of tyres and wheels is here whatever your budget is, we can give you the best possible deals today.

One reason why so many people come to us and trust our products is because we are able to give you exactly what you need within the budget that you have. We cater to cars, sports utility vehicles, and even light trucks. There is no doubt that our database of wheels and tyres is the biggest in all of Brisbane. We also offer services for the brands of the products that we sell.

To get a better appreciation of our products and services, we encourage you to visit our showroom after all, to see is to believe. Dont have the time? No problem feel free to browse through our website,, to see our offers and available items on our shelves.

Every wheel and tyre sold will be mounted and balanced by our team of professionals. You will leave our shop with a guaranteed smoother ride and improved vehicle performance. Know that whatever material, size, style, or treatment you choose, your vehicle will be outfitted with only the most current and highest quality of alloy or steel wheels. Our prices are also the most reasonable anywhere in Brisbane.

If youre looking for more, we also offer plenty of accessories for your wheels and tyres, allowing you to sport a more dashing and aggressive look for your car. These include wheel locks, centre caps, and a whole array of nuts and bolts, as well as keys and spacers.

For two decades now, Street Wheels and Tyres is the leading supplier of high quality wheels and tyres in Brisbane. It doesnt matter if you drive a family van, a race car, a classic collectible, or an off-road vehicle we can distinguish what your needs are right off the bat and supply you with the most ideal outfit and setup.

For all your wheel and tyre needs, including service and repair, look nowhere else. Street Wheels and Tyres has got everything that you need, and you can be assured of only the best brands and the most professional staff in the business.